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Give your dreams a shape of reality

  • Project SARTHI
  • C.AREA 1300 Sq.ft
  • year of completion 2022

In the land of modern decor , this 3bhk apartment uses the magic of different kind of colour scheme.
we designed the house where client will touch and feel the house's space and furniture like that they are living with a beauty of nature.
The residence speakes a language by its own with the tradition and culture of our home. Opening into a hallway in a living room the viewer is greeted by an explosion of planks to a wall giving flush door make whole area very spacious , apart from that the clock highlighting the wall with its metalic look.
The masterbedroom has a acromatic colour scheme that lightning must all work together to enhance the space.The son's bedroom give the good accent to the room and adding a pop of soft blueish colour makes the room spacious and feel inviting. In guest bedroom the wardrobe having the puja with multiple solids and voids creating segmented layers of privacy and openness.